Founded in the year 1958, the Motor Traders Association of Hong Kong (MTA) comprises of nearly all the franchised motor vehicle dealers and distributors for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, buses, special purpose vehicles and taxi.  It is a common platform for the trade to communicate both amongst members and with the Government and public.  To further support to associated line of business, MTA also accepts associate membership from insurance underwriters, finance institutions, fuel providers, etc.



Back in 1958, a group of businessmen in the motor trade felt that there is need for some unified voice to strengthen their position while having dialogue with the Government.  Hence the MTA was founded.



The objective of the Association are:

1.     Create a business environment which will be conducive to the development of the motor trade

2.     Provide a platform for member companies to unify, promote and coordinate their voice and needs

3.     Offer a channel to review respond, co-ordinate and recommend to the Government on related policies and regulations.  Such includes vehicle taxation, safety, pollution, etc.

4.     Render a medium for consumers to reflect their opinions and communicate their motor related needs

5.     Last but not least, to give members opportunity to socialize with various activities.



With objective outlined above, it is the mission of the MTA to make the motor industry as an integrated professional body, be able to be properly recognized by the authorities and public, so that can effectively communicate with all mediums.  MTA members will thrive to offer quality products meeting latest standards, together with quality after sales support in years to come.  Their commitment is backed up by their relative manufacturer principals.



The Motor Traders Association is an organization exclusively for franchised motor brands representatives who are directly engaged in motor trading on the market in Hong Kong.  The main function is to have a collective representation to communicate with the authorities, media and overseas trade and industry organizations, to promote the harmony amongst all members.  It accepts membership on a brand basis, any company holding multi franchises are invited to join as separate members.  By 2016, the association has 48 full members and 4 associate members.  Every year, at the annual general meeting, a panel of seven committee members are elected.  The executive committee will meet every month to review and process matters related to the motor industry.


The association also has subsidiary associations focusing on auto parts (Auto Parts Management Association) and on Service (Service Managers Association).  These two associations contribute their expertise in their respective fields and reports to the MTA chairman.


MTA Executive Committee Members for year 2018



Chairman: Mr Joseph Lau


Vice Chairman: Mr Kenneth Chan 


Executive Committee:      

Mr Gary Cheung

Mr Daniel Choi

Mr Steve Kao   

Mr Aaron Lee

Mr Leo Wong


SMA Representative: Mr Jones Wong


APMA Representative: Mr Simon Ng                   


Over nearly half a century, the MTA has matured and developed along with the local economy.  It has evolved from a band of enthusiastic motor trade professionals trying to regulate the trade, into a structured and professionally established trade association which officially recognized as the key representative from the motor industry, by the government, public media and other walks of life.  In recent years, the association also got recognized internationally by manufacturers¡¦ industry associations such as JAMA from Japan and ACEA from Europe.


The association also takes active role to offer recommendation, co-ordinate with related parties to transport associated developments.  Over the years, the association has succeeded to put forward initiatives to the government, such as revision of First Registration Tax, emission standard implementation, as well as vehicles recall procedures.


By today, the association is intensively engaging in the revision of vehicle design standards, type approval procedures, future emission updates, as well as the streamlining of vehicle licensing and customs declaration procedures in the area of vehicle service standards, the association has strongly recommended to the authorities that both vehicle mechanics and workshops must be licensed and regulated by a set of standards.